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What if?

You’ve had an accident and now you’re dead. You won’t be any the wiser upon your return…

Strange things start happening when college student Liv Bolan wakes up with a concussion after an accident. Her phone isn’t an iPhone anymore, her walls aren’t blue, and her BFF isn’t dating a guy from one of their classes, but has a girlfriend Liv’s never met.

Her life takes an even stranger turn when she sees a gorgeous singer who seems oh so familiar in a YouTube video. While something about him tugs at her, Liv is certain she’s never met him. No one would ever forget that face!

When the camera pans, she sees herself in the audience. The problem is, she has no memory of attending the performance. But everybody has a double, right? At least, that’s what she tells herself until the singer shows up at the campus coffee shop where she works and sparks start flying.

Will Liv find a way to overcome past heartache or will she risk her second chance with a guy she doesn’t remember she loves?

A Thousand Times is an evocative reincarnation-with-a-twist, second-chance romance that gives all new meaning to life after death.


Ev Paxton

I write new adult romance with a fresh twist on reincarnation. My first novel, A Thousand Times, was released in April 2024. When I’m not working on my newest story, I’m reading, building websites, snuggling with my two pooches, and hanging out with my hubs and family. 

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